15 The Righteous, Almighty, and Practical God

Verse 1

The one true God, who is eternal,

spoke His words, creation into life.

He spoke and it was, He commanded and it stood.

Dust turned into human beings.

He nurtured His creatures,

and life filled heaven and earth.

Verse 2

He issued laws, performed wonders.

He led man and took care of them.

But man abandoned themselves to evil,

filthy and corrupt, unfit to look upon.

Humble in flesh, God pardoned them,

forsook dignity, took on injustice.

Bridge 1

Nobody knew His earnest intentions.

He suffered on the cross and left quietly.

His precious blood, He spilled in sacrifice,

redeeming man and leaving true love.

Verse 3

Lightning has appeared in the East,

a white cloud has descended in Sinim.

Filled with righteousness, God has returned to the earth,

He is Almighty God incarnate.

Starting a new age, bringing new work,

He speaks to save man, judging all the way.

Verse 4

Man’s rebellion remains in His mind,

sadness and resentment are in His heart.

Weeping tears of blood, He wields the utmost patience.

Who could console His grieving heart?

Angry yet merciful, He provides.

He works and waits and gives His true heart.

Bridge 2

How many times have flowers bloomed and died?

Once again, the geese fly south and return.

His innocent flesh humiliated,

His heart hurt almost beyond repair.

Bridge 3

He suffers alone, with no place to rest,

working day and night, heedless of food or sleep.

His earnestness is met with deception,

and His true words suffer ridicule.


Humbly hidden, He carries on His work.

Finally, He gains a group of people

who are of one heart and one mind with Him.

Humbly hidden, He carries on His work.

Finally, He gains a group of people

who are of one heart and one mind with Him.

Righteousness, almightiness shown in flesh,

He is Almighty God!

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