6 Christ of the Last Days, the Salvation of Mankind

Verse 1

Lightning shines from the East, awakens those in darkness.

We hear the Holy Spirit’s words spoken to churches.

They are indeed truly the voice of the Son of man.

All in gloom see true light, cheer, praise Redeemer’s return.

God’s chosen people hear God’s voice and enjoy His words.

God’s chosen people all attend the feast of the Lamb.

Christ of the last days, You’re the salvation of mankind.

Your truth brings man eternal life.

Your judgment is Your love.


Christ of the last days, the salvation of mankind.

Verse 2

You clean and save us, we’re changed and testify Your deeds.

Man’s been corrupted by Satan for six thousand years.

People struggle in sin, hovering between life and death.

And now these people have finally seen the true light.

Righteousness now appears all over the universe,

and the truth holds sovereignty over all on earth.

God’s chosen people in the last days are fortunate,

for the appearance of God they’re able to witness.


Christ of the last days, the salvation of mankind.

Verse 3

In the dark world, the king of devils holds influence,

and corrupt mankind is trampled and harmed by Satan.

God expresses the truth and lays bare all of the truth

of how Satan corrupts mankind, who is here on earth.

Knowing the truth, seeing through the root of the evil world,

God’s people hate the great red dragon, firmly follow God.

We cast off all of the dark influence of Satan,

and we finally attain God’s great salvation.


Christ of the last days, the salvation of mankind.

Verse 4

Your words carry great authority and power;

they have completely defeated all enemies.

Your words are truth, life, and the basis for man’s being.

You bring man into light, give a great destination.

God’s six-thousand-year management work is concluded.

His incarnation brings the kingdom of Christ to earth.

The kingdom comes and the Sun of righteousness appears.

God’s people gather round the throne, praise God forever.


Christ of the last days, the salvation of mankind.

Christ of the last days, the salvation of mankind.

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