7 The Holy Kingdom Has Appeared

Verse 1

God incarnate has arrived among humans,

and judgment has begun with the house of God.

We are raised before His throne to attend

the wedding feast of Christ, Almighty God.

Judgment cleanses us, changes our disposition.

We are reborn and become new people.

Revering God, we lie prostrate before Him,

praising His holiness and righteousness.

Chorus 1

Willing to submit and offer our sincerity,

we faithfully fulfill our duty.

God, we love You with all our heart,

and eternally sing our praises to You.

The holy kingdom has appeared.

The holy kingdom has appeared.

Verse 2

God expresses the truth to judge the world

and fully reveals His righteousness.

The evil forces that resist God will,

will be destroyed by great disasters.

Now God has renewed everything

for His use and enjoyment.

This is no longer a filthy, licentious land,

but a holy kingdom for ever after.

Chorus 2

God’s word has accomplished everything,

God rules as King in the world.

God has fully gained His glory,

Christ’s kingdom has appeared on earth.

The holy kingdom has appeared.

The holy kingdom has appeared.

Verse 3

The Sun of righteousness shines all over the lands,

and all things are revived.

God’s people gather joyously,

singing and dancing in His victory.

All praise His great achievements.

The whole world is filled with cheers and laughter.

Everything that breathes sings God’s praise,

for in complete victory He has returned.

Chorus 3

The entire universe has been made anew,

and we celebrate the day of God’s glory.

The voices of praise crack the sky,

we sing praises to God unceasingly.

The holy kingdom has appeared.

The holy kingdom has appeared.

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