876 God Experiencing Man’s Pain Is Deeply Meaningful


The two stages of work God incarnate

has done are perfect.

They’ve resolved all the pain humans

go through in life and that of each person.

What’s the source of human sufferings

from birth, old age, illness and death?

Verse 1

Man did not have them at creation.

They came when Satan tempted man,

and their flesh became depraved.

The pain of flesh, its emptiness,

and the sad affairs of man’s world

came after Satan corrupted man.

God Himself had to feel this suffering

to bring them back and towards a great haven.

Verse 2

Back when Jesus became human

and brought about the Age of Grace,

He brought mercy and love to man.

He was crucified, forgiving man

of all their sins and redeeming them.

Although humans were forgiven,

they have been deeply corrupted by Satan,

have a sinful nature, and can still resist God.


Satan can still control the things

of the mind or soul in people.

It’s why you can feel ill or troubled, even suicidal;

the world feels empty and life has no meaning.

Satan still commands these sufferings;

they are among man’s fatal flaws.

Verse 3

Satan can still use these things

that it’s corrupted and trampled;

they’re Satan’s weapons against man.

Thus, God has become flesh again

in the last days to do judgment.

He must suffer for mankind’s sake

while performing the work of conquering man.

He pays the price of pain to fix man’s fatal flaws.


Once He brings man back by tasting man’s pain,

Satan’s weapons will be no more;

mankind will turn fully to God.

Only then will humans wholly be God’s.

Thus God incarnate endures the world’s pain

for humanity’s sake; this is absolutely vital.

Adapted from The Word, Vol. 3. The Discourses of Christ of the Last Days. The Significance of God’s Tasting of Worldly Suffering

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