1027 God Endures Great Humiliation to Save Humans

1 Humans and God are fundamentally different and live in two different realms. Humans are unable to understand God’s language, much less know His thoughts. Only God understands humans, and it is impossible for them to understand Him. Therefore, God has to become flesh and transform into the same kind as humans, enduring tremendous humiliation and pain to save people so that they can understand and know His work. Why is God always saving humans, and never giving up? Is it not because of His love for them? He sees humanity being corrupted by Satan, and cannot bear to let go or give up; this is the reason He came up with a management plan.

2 If it were as people imagine, and God destroyed humankind as soon as He became angry, then He would not be needing to take such great pains to save them. It is precisely due to the pain suffered by His incarnation that little by little, His love is being discovered and coming to be known by all people. If God were not performing this kind of work, then people would only know that there is a God in heaven and that He has love for humanity. If that were the case, it would be mere doctrine, and people would never be able to observe and experience God’s true love.

3 Only through the work God does in the flesh can people gain a true understanding of Him. This understanding is neither vague nor empty, and neither is it a doctrine to which one merely pays lip service; rather, it is a genuine understanding, because the love that God gives to humans brings substantial advantages. How great was the love that Jesus gave people? He was crucified on behalf of corrupt humanity, and served as a sin offering; He had come to complete the work of redemption for humankind, right up until He was crucified. This love was boundless, and the work God has done is profoundly significant.

Adapted from “Do You Understand God’s Love for Mankind?” in Records of Christ’s Talks

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