693 God Ultimately Gains Those Who Have the Truth

1 What kind of people are those who have been born in the last days? They are people who have been subjected to Satan’s corruption for thousands of years, and have been so profoundly corrupted that they no longer have a human likeness. After experiencing the judgment, chastisement, and exposure of God’s words, and upon being conquered, these people gain the truth from His utterances and are sincerely convinced by God; they attain knowledge of God and can submit to Him absolutely and satisfy His will. In the end, this will be the sort of people gained through God’s management plan. Would you say the ones who can satisfy God’s will are those who have never been corrupted by Satan, or those who are ultimately saved? The people to be gained throughout God’s management plan are a group who can understand God’s will, who receive the truth from Him, and who possess the kind of life and human likeness which He requires.

2 When humans were first created by God, they merely looked like people and had life. However, they did not have within them the human likeness which God required and hoped for them to attain. The group of people who will ultimately be gained are those who will remain to the last, and these are the ones whom God requires, with whom He is pleased, and who satisfy Him. Over the several-thousand-year course of the work of management, these people have gained the most; this has been watering supplied to them by way of His war with Satan. The people in this group are better than those whom God created in the very beginning; even though they were corrupted, this was inevitable, and it is a matter that falls within the scope of God’s management plan. This fully reveals His almightiness and wisdom, as well as the fact that everything God has arranged, planned, and achieved is the absolute greatest.

Adapted from The Word, Vol. 3. The Discourses of Christ of the Last Days. Part Three

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