694 Peter’s Understanding of Chastisement and Judgment


Peter’s love of God was pure,

the highest realm of perfection.

There is no life more meaningful.

Accepting God’s chastisement and judgment,

treasuring God’s righteousness—

nothing about Peter was more precious.

Verse 1

Peter said, “Satan gives earthly pleasures,

but I do not treasure them.

In God’s chastisement and judgment,

I find grace and blessings.

If not for God’s judgment, I’d never love God,

I’d still be controlled and commanded by Satan.

If that were the case, I could never be a real human,

for I could not satisfy God or devote all of me to Him.

Chorus 1

Though God does not bless me and I have no comfort inside,

as if a fire is burning in me, with no peace or joy,

even though His chastisement and discipline surround me,

in them I can behold God’s righteousness.

Verse 2

I take delight in this; nothing is more meaningful

or more valuable in this life that I live.

His protection and care become ruthless judgment,

curses and smiting; still I take enjoyment.

For they can cleanse and change me,

purify my love, draw me towards God,

so I can fulfill my duties,

freed from serving Satan.

Chorus 2

God’s chastisement and judgment have saved me.

My life can’t be without them. On earth I’m in Satan’s grasp.

Were it not for God’s care and protection of His judgment,

I’d always be under Satan, no chance of life with meaning.


Only if God’s judgment and chastisement

stay beside me can I be cleansed by God.

Only through God’s harsh words and righteousness

have I been protected, blessed, living in light.

Cleansed and freed from Satan, under God’s dominion—

this is the greatest blessing in my life today.”

Adapted from “The Experiences of Peter: His Knowledge of Chastisement and Judgment” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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