216 Oh God, I Cannot Leave You

1 Without God’s words to guide me, I am without an anchor, like drifting duckweed. Without God by my side, I feel pain and emptiness. Through self-reflection, I see that I’ve believed in God for years yet never pursued the truth. Bearing only my future prospects and destination in mind, I worked and toiled merely to receive blessings, never truly loving God. I am detested and hated by Him; I’ve fallen into darkness and extreme suffering. My pleas cannot call God’s presence back to me. Without reverence, I don’t deserve to live before Him. Counting God’s kindnesses in self-reflection, I feel so indebted to Him.

2 After being judged, I clearly see the truth of my corruption. Arrogant, self-righteous, crooked, and deceitful, I even tried to make deals with God. I even thought that by abandoning and expending, I would receive His blessings. By clinging to my notions, a tragedy was born; much refinement made me realize that God’s righteous disposition brooks no offense. I revere Him, loathing myself, and have truly come to repent. I see that God’s judgment is all love and salvation. I resolve to practice the truth and do my duty properly to repay Him; I seek to be an honest person, truly loving God and bringing Him comfort.

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