217 I Am Filled With Remorse

1 Upon hearing that God will return to Zion, I don’t know how to feel. I’ve believed in Him for many years, but have never done my duty well; I feel such deep regret. I have enjoyed so much of God’s love, but have never given Him anything in return. He has given me so many opportunities to practice, yet I’ve approached them all in a slipshod manner, instead single-mindedly seeking status, fame, and fortune and making plans for the future. Filled with extravagant desires, I have truly known no shame and have wasted so much good time. Now that God is about to leave us, I am filled with remorse.

2 Despite having read many of God’s words, I have been satisfied with merely understanding doctrine. Reflecting upon my own actions, I can see that I possess no reality of the truth at all. I look at my own nature and essence, and see that I do not love the truth. How can I ever recover that which is gone? I fear God has abandoned me. I am so remorseful. Why didn’t I accept God’s judgment and chastisement when I read His words? I don’t know if my repentance has come too late; I am filled with remorse. I don’t know if God will give me another chance, I am filled with remorse.

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