944 God Maintains Man’s Existence With His Righteous Disposition

Verse 1

When God sends His rage, evil is stopped and shattered,

while just and good things come to God’s care and shelter

and are allowed to continue.

God sends forth His wrath since unjust and evil things

block, disturb, and kill normal exercise and growth

of the just and positive.

Verse 2

God’s anger’s not to shield His own self and status,

but it is to protect what is just and beautiful,

plus the good and positive,

and the law and order of man’s normal survival.

This is the source of God’s wrath, showing His disposition

properly and naturally.

Bridge 1

His rage has no ulterior motives.

There’s no plotting or deceit, no desires, guile or malice,

no evil and no violence or other traits of corrupt man.

Verse 3

When God sends His rage, He’s already seen quite clearly

the essence of each matter and has come to true conclusions,

and has clear definitions.

God’s attitude and goal for all He does is crystal clear.

He’s not confused or blind or impulsive or careless

and not unprincipled.

Verse 4

This is the practical part of the wrath of God.

This is why mankind’s gained normal existence.

Without it man would fall

into abnormal life, and all that’s just and good,

all that’s beautiful would be utterly destroyed.

It would exist no longer.

Bridge 2

If God did not send forth His wrath,

all the rules and all the laws of created beings’ existence

would be completely broken or utterly subverted.

Verse 5

Since God created man, His righteous disposition

has constantly shielded mankind’s normal existence

to always keep it going.

With its majesty and wrath, all evil things and people

that hurt man’s normal life are punished and controlled,

and wiped out from existence.


God has been using His righteous disposition

for many thousands of years

to strike down all kinds of vile and evil spirits

which act as Satan’s helpers,

fighting God’s work of managing humanity.

Thus, God’s work of saving man has always gone to plan.

Because God’s wrath exists,

man’s most righteous causes have never been destroyed.

Adapted from The Word, Vol. 2. On Knowing God. God Himself, the Unique II

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