943 God’s Disposition Is Merciful, Loving, Righteous and Majestic


Use of fire to destroy the city of Sodom

is God’s swiftest way to erase anything.

Verse 1

Burning the people of Sodom

destroyed their bodies, souls and spirits,

so all the people who lived there

would exist no more in man’s world

or the world that can’t be seen.

Verse 2

This is one way that God shows wrath.

This way of expression and revelation

is one part of God’s wrath’s essence.

It’s a revelation of the essence of

God’s righteous disposition.

Verse 3

When God sends forth His wrath, He stops

showing His mercy or His kindness.

He shows no more tolerance or patience.

Nothing can convince Him to keep being patient,

give more mercy or tolerance.


In place of these things, with no hesitation,

God sends His wrath and His majesty,

doing what He desires.

He’ll do all these things fast and cleanly

according to His own wishes.

This is how God sends His wrath and majesty,

and man must not offend it.

This expresses one part of

God’s righteous disposition.

Verse 4

When people see God show care and love,

they can’t see His wrath or His majesty,

or His intolerance towards offense.

People think God’s righteous disposition

is just mercy, love and tolerance.


But when God destroys a city,

when God detests a people,

one can see in His rage and in His majesty

the other side of His righteousness.

This is God’s intolerance of offense.

Adapted from “God Himself, the Unique II” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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