492 God’s Advice to Man

Verse 1

God urges you not to talk ’bout theory,

but ’bout what’s real, genuine, substantial.

Study some “modern art,” be dedicated.

Speak and contribute something that’s real.

Face reality when you are speaking.

Don’t indulge in unreal, inflated talk

just to make others happy, see you differently.

What’s its value, why stir people’s zest for you?

Bridge 1

Try to benefit God’s house in every act.

Speak artistically and conduct fairly.

Let your conscience guide your emotions.

Work reasonably and talk realistically.

Do not repay kindness with hate.

Don’t be ungrateful when you see kindness.

Do not attempt to be a hypocrite,

or you will risk being a bad influence.

Verse 2

When you do eat and drink the words of God,

try to link them more to reality.

Speak ’bout realistic things, don’t stand up high.

Be patient, tolerant, practice conceding.

Be generous and open with people.

Learn to be magnanimous and kind.

Forsake the flesh when your thoughts are not good.

Speak more of real paths, not ones beyond reach.

Bridge 2

Enjoy less, give more, dedicate selflessly.

Care for God’s will, listen to your conscience.

Remember how God speaks to you with concern.

Try to pray and to fellowship more often.

Don’t be muddled, show sense, gain some insight.

Pull back your sinful hand, don’t let it get that far,

or you’ll get nothing but curses from God.

So be careful with what you do in your life.

Verse 3

Be merciful, don’t strike others with “weapons.”

Talk more about life and help others.

Do and practice more, say and research less.

Try harder to be moved and perfected by God.

Remove more human ways of doing things.

Your superficial behavior, conduct

are loathsome and should be eliminated.

Try to correct your detestable mental states.

Bridge 3

People occupy too much of your heart,

don’t be unreasonable, give God more of it.

The “temple” firstly does belong to God,

and so people should not occupy it.

In sum, focus on righteousness rather than emotions.

Talk about reality rather than knowledge.

Speak of practice’s path rather than inflated talk.

Best to be silent and practice from the present.

Adapted from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. Focus More on Reality

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