160 God’s Attitude Towards Man

Verse 1

God is resolute in His actions.

God’s purposes and principles,

they’re always clear and transparent.

They are all pure and flawless,

with absolutely no ruses or schemes

intermingled within.

Chorus 1

In other words, the substance of God

contains no darkness, contains no evilness.

Verse 2

When people’s wicked acts offend God,

He will bring His anger down upon them,

unless they truly repent before Him.

When people continue to oppose God,

His wrath will never cease, till they are destroyed.

This is God’s disposition.

Chorus 2

In other words, God’s mercy or wrath

is based on man’s deeds and his attitude towards God.


If God continues to subject one person to His wrath,

this person’s heart doubtlessly opposes God.

Because he has never truly repented,

bowed down his head before God,

or possessed true belief in God,

he has never obtained God’s mercy and tolerance.

Verse 3

If one often receives God’s care

and obtains His mercy and tolerance,

then this person doubtlessly

has true belief in God in his heart.

And his heart is not opposed to God.

He often repents to God.

Even if God’s discipline descends

upon this person, His wrath shall not.

Chorus 2

In other words, God’s mercy or wrath

is based on man’s deeds and his attitude towards God.

Adapted from “God Himself, the Unique II” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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