186 I See Just How Real God’s Love Is

1 We are raised up before God, our hearts sweetened by His words. I really enjoy attending the feast of God; it truly is His greatest blessing. His words of judgment are like a sharp sword, laying bare my evil soul. I have expended for God just to gain His blessings; I truly have neither conscience nor sense. I have seen the depths of my corruption, and that I have no human likeness. Filled with regret, I repent before God, imploring Him to forgive and have mercy on me. God’s treatment of me is not based on my transgressions; He silently waits for me to turn back to Him. Seeing how real His love is, I now follow Him with more confidence.

2 Quietly seeking the truth before God, I understand His earnest intentions; behind the words of judgment are hidden His love and blessings. Only after accepting God’s words of judgment do I truly know myself. Through trials and all manner of suffering, my corruption is cleansed. Seeing how lovely God’s disposition is, I am filled with gratitude and praise. I gladly submit before Him, and my heart knows peace and happiness. How joyous it is to be an honest person, practicing the truth and living before God. Escaping Satan and being saved by God, one can live out a human likeness and glorify God.

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