248 I Have Seen God

1 I heard God’s voice and returned before Him. I cried out His name in prayer, as if returning to my own mother. He knew the pain in my heart, He knew what I really longed for. God’s words watered my parched heart, and I tasted the sweetness of His words and experienced the warmth of His family. Time and again, the judgment of God’s words revealed the truth of man’s corruption. I finally saw I was filled with a satanic disposition and only lived for the flesh. My faith in the Lord was just for blessings, to seek fame and fortune. I long ago lost my conscience as a human being. Words of judgment awoke me, and only then did I find direction in life. Christ is the beloved of my heart, and my heart wishes to follow Him closely.

2 I gain so much from experiencing God’s judgment and every one of His words pierces my heart like a sword. I see that I am filled with satanic dispositions, that I am arrogant and deceitful and long ago lost any semblance of a human being. It is only thanks to God’s judgment that I have changed. I give thanks to God’s judgment for cleansing and saving me. God utters His words to save man and His heart is so kind and good. Every word He utters reveals His righteous disposition and causes reverence to arise in my heart. My corrupt dispositions are cleansed and I come face-to-face with God. I savor His words every day, I live before Him, my heart’s filled with joy and peace. God’s love is so true, so real, He deserves man’s praises. I wish to love and bear witness to God, to always be by His side.

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