Truth Realities That Believers in God Must Enter Into

For Use in the Church Life

Almighty God, Christ of the last days, has expressed all of the truths which can save mankind. These truths are crucial when it comes to people attaining salvation. However, many people feel that God has spoken too many words—they don’t know where to begin reading them or which truths it is imperative to enter into. To enable God’s chosen people to lay down foundations as soon as possible, and to enter onto the right track for belief in God and salvation, God’s house has compiled this book, for use in the church life and for God’s chosen people in eating and drinking His words. This book is divided into five main parts. The first part is on truths about visions, there are 10 items contained within it, including the mystery of the incarnation, the inside story of the three stages of His work, the mystery of God’s judgment work in the last days, and so on. The second part is about truths related to resolving various religious notions, and there are 22 items within it. The third is about truths pertaining to resolving various corrupt dispositions, and there are 32 items contained within it. The fourth is on truths related to discerning nonbelievers, evil people, false leaders, and antichrists, there are 12 items contained within it. The fifth part is about truths pertaining to the pursuit of salvation and being made perfect, and there are 46 items contained in it. It can be said that the truths that these five parts encompass are the fundamental truths that believers in God must understand. If God’s chosen people frequently eat, drink, fellowship, and ponder on these truths, they will be able to gradually come to understand the truth, enter into reality, and attain God’s salvation. If they then, on this basis, seek to enter into all the truths that God has demanded, they will be able to gain the truth and eternal life.

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