c. How to discern antichrists

Words of Almighty God of the Last Days

How does God characterize antichrists? As those who hate the truth and oppose God—they are God’s enemies! Opposing the truth, hating God, and hating all positive things—this is not the momentary weakness or foolishness found in ordinary people, nor is it the revelation of incorrect thoughts and viewpoints that arise from a moment’s distorted comprehension; this is not the problem. The problem is that they are antichrists, the enemies of God, hating all positive things and all truth; they are characters who hate and oppose God. How does God view such characters? God does not save them! These people despise and hate the truth, they have the nature essence of antichrists. Do you understand this? What is being exposed here is wickedness, viciousness, and hatred of the truth. It’s the most severe of satanic dispositions among corrupt dispositions, representing Satan’s most typical and substantial characteristics, not just the corrupt dispositions revealed by ordinary corrupted mankind. Antichrists are a force inimical to God. They can disturb and control the church, and they have the capacity to dismantle and disrupt God’s management work. This is not something that ordinary people with corrupt dispositions can do; only antichrists are capable of such actions. Do not underestimate this matter.

—The Word, Vol. 4. Exposing Antichrists. Item Six

In the time when God had not yet become flesh, the measure of whether man opposed God was based on whether man worshiped and looked up to the invisible God in heaven. The way in which opposition to God was defined at that time was not all that practical, for man could not see God, nor did he know what the image of God was like, or how He worked and spoke. Man had no notions about God whatsoever, and he believed in God vaguely, because God had not yet appeared to man. Therefore, no matter how man believed in God in his imagination, God did not condemn man or make too many demands of him, because man was completely unable to see God. When God becomes flesh and comes to work among men, all behold Him and hear His words, and all see the deeds that God works from within His body of flesh. At that moment, all man’s notions become foam. As for those who have seen God appearing in the flesh, they shall not be condemned if they willingly obey Him, whereas those who purposefully stand against Him shall be deemed an opponent of God. Such people are antichrists, enemies who willfully stand against God.

—The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. All People Who Do Not Know God Are People Who Oppose God

Anyone who does not believe in God incarnate is demonic and, moreover, will be destroyed. Those who have faith but do not practice the truth, those who do not believe in God incarnate, and those who do not at all believe in God’s existence will also be objects of destruction. All those who will be allowed to remain are people who have undergone the suffering of refinement and stood firm; these are people who have truly endured trials. Anyone who does not recognize God is an enemy; that is, anyone who does not recognize God incarnate—whether or not they are inside or outside this stream—is an antichrist!

—The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. God and Man Will Enter Into Rest Together

If you have believed in God for many years, and yet have never obeyed Him, and do not accept the entirety of His words, and instead ask that God submit to you and act according to your notions, then you are the most rebellious of all, you are a nonbeliever. How could such people be able to obey the work and words of God that do not conform to the notions of man? Most rebellious of all are those who intentionally defy and resist God. They are the enemies of God, the antichrists. Theirs is always an attitude of hostility toward the new work of God; they never have the slightest inclination to submit, nor have they ever gladly submitted or humbled themselves. They exalt themselves before others and never submit to anyone. Before God, they consider themselves the best at preaching the word, and the most skillful in working on others. Never do they discard the “treasures” in their possession, but treat them as family heirlooms for worship, for preaching about to others, and they use them to lecture those fools who idolize them. There are indeed a certain number of people like this in the church. It can be said that they are “indomitable heroes,” generation after generation sojourning in the house of God. They take preaching the word (doctrine) to be their highest duty. Year after year, generation after generation, they go about vigorously enforcing their “sacred and inviolable” duty. None dare touch them; not a single person dares openly reproach them. They become “kings” in the house of God, running rampant as they tyrannize others from age to age. This pack of demons seeks to join hands and demolish My work; how can I allow these living devils to exist before My eyes? Even those who are only half obedient cannot carry on until the end, much less these tyrants without the slightest obedience in their hearts! The work of God is not easily gained by man. Even using all the strength they have, people can only gain a mere portion of it, ultimately allowing them to be made perfect. What, then, of the children of the archangel, who seek to destroy the work of God? Do they not have even less hope of being gained by God?

—The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. Those Who Obey God With a True Heart Shall Surely Be Gained by God

There are those who read the Bible in grand churches and recite it all day long, yet not one among them understands the purpose of God’s work. Not one among them is able to know God; still less can any one among them accord with God’s will. They are all worthless, vile people, each standing on high to lecture God. They willfully oppose God even as they carry His banner. Claiming faith in God, still they eat the flesh and drink the blood of man. All such people are devils that devour the soul of man, head demons that deliberately disturb those trying to step onto the right path, and stumbling blocks impeding those who seek God. They may appear of “sound constitution,” but how are their followers to know that they are none other than antichrists who lead people to stand against God? How are their followers to know that they are living devils dedicated to the devouring of human souls?

—The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. All People Who Do Not Know God Are People Who Oppose God

Look at the leaders of each religion and each denomination—they are all arrogant and self-righteous, and their interpretations of the Bible lack context and are guided by their own notions and imaginings. They all rely on gifts and knowledge to do their work. If they could not preach at all, would people follow them? They do, after all, possess some knowledge and can preach some doctrines, or they know how to win others over and make use of some tricks. They use these things to deceive people, and to bring people before themselves. Nominally, those people believe in God, but in reality, they follow these leaders. When they encounter someone preaching the true way, some of them say, “We have to consult our leader about matters of faith.” See how people need the agreement and approval of others when it comes to believing in God and accepting the true way—is this not a problem? What have those leaders become, then? Have they not become Pharisees, false shepherds, antichrists, and stumbling blocks to people’s acceptance of the true way? Such people are of the same kind as Paul.

—The Word, Vol. 3. The Discourses of Christ of the Last Days. Part Three

We have preached the gospel over and over to many leaders within religious circles, but no matter how we fellowship on the truth with them, they do not accept it. Why is this? It is because their arrogance has become second nature, and God no longer has a place in their hearts. Some people might say, “People under the leadership of certain pastors in the religious world really have a lot of drive; it is as though they have God in their midst.” Do you take having enthusiasm for having drive? No matter how lofty those pastors’ theories might sound, do they know God? If they truly feared God deep down, would they make people follow them and exalt them? Would they be able to control others? Would they dare to prevent others from seeking the truth and investigating the true way? If they believe that God’s sheep are actually theirs, and that they should all listen to them, then is it not the case that they regard themselves as God? Such people are even worse than the Pharisees. Are they not genuine antichrists?

—The Word, Vol. 3. The Discourses of Christ of the Last Days. An Arrogant Nature Is at the Root of Man’s Resistance to God

The pastors and elders of the religious world are all people who study biblical knowledge and theology; they are hypocritical Pharisees resisting God. … Are those in Christianity and Catholicism who study the Bible, theology, and even the history of God’s work truly believers? Are they different from the believers and followers of God about whom He speaks? In God’s eyes, are they believers? No, they study theology, they study God, but they do not follow God or bear witness to Him. Their study of God is the same as those who study history, philosophy, law, biology, or astronomy. It’s just that they don’t like science or other subjects—they specifically like to study theology. What is the outcome of their seeking out bits and pieces of God’s work to study God? Can they discover God’s existence? No, never. Can they understand God’s will? (No.) Why? Because they live in words, in knowledge, in philosophy, in the human mind and in human thoughts; they will never see God or be enlightened by the Holy Spirit. How does God classify them? As nonbelievers, as unbelievers. These unbelievers and nonbelievers mingle within the so-called Christian community, acting as believers in God, as Christians, but in reality do they have true worship for God? Do they have true submission? (No.) Why is that? One thing is certain: A considerable number of them do not believe in God’s existence in their hearts; they do not believe that God created the world and is sovereign over all things, and they believe even less that God can become flesh. What does this unbelief mean? It means to doubt and deny. They even adopt an attitude of not hoping that the prophecies spoken by God, especially those concerning disasters, will be fulfilled or come to pass. This is their attitude toward belief in God, and it is the essence and true face of their so-called faith. These people study God because they are particularly interested in the subject and knowledge of theology, and in the historical facts of God’s work; they are purely a group of intellectuals studying theology. These intellectuals do not believe in the existence of God, so how do they react when God comes to work, when God’s words are fulfilled? What is their first reaction when they hear that God has become flesh and started a new work? “Impossible!” Whoever preaches God’s new name and God’s new work, they condemn that person, and they even want to kill or eliminate him. What kind of manifestation is this? Is this not the manifestation of a typical antichrist? What difference is there between them and the Pharisees, chief priests, and scribes of old? They are hostile toward God’s work, toward God’s judgment in the last days, toward God becoming flesh, and even more so, they are hostile to the fulfillment of God’s prophecies. They believe, “If You do not become flesh, if You are in the form of a spiritual body, then You are God; if You are incarnated and become a person, then You are not God, and we do not acknowledge You.” What does this imply? It means that as long as they are here, they will not allow God to become flesh. Isn’t this a typical antichrist? This is a genuine antichrist.

—The Word, Vol. 4. Exposing Antichrists. Item Seven: They Are Evil, Insidious, and Deceitful (Part Three)

There is another manifestation of antichrists in their treatment of God incarnate: They say, “As soon as I saw Christ was an ordinary person, notions formed in my mind. The Word Appears in the Flesh is an expression of God; it is the truth, and I admit it. I have a copy of The Word Appears in the Flesh, and that’s enough. I don’t need to have contact with Christ. If I have notions, negativity, or weakness, I can resolve them just by reading God’s word. It is easy to form notions if I have contact with God incarnate, and this shows I am too deeply corrupted. If I happen to be condemned by God, I will have no hope of salvation. So, it’s better if I just read God’s word on my own. It is God in heaven who can save people.” It is God’s present words and fellowship, especially those words that expose antichrists’ disposition and essence, that weigh most on antichrists’ hearts and are the most painful to them. These are the words antichrists are the least willing to read. Therefore, antichrists wish in their hearts that God would leave soon, so that they can rule by dint of their own power on earth. Antichrists believe that God incarnate, this ordinary person, is superfluous, thinking, “Why is it when listening to Christ preach and fellowship that humans appear so corrupt and insignificant? Before encountering Christ and listening to Him preach, I thought that everyone understood the truth, had stature, had reality, and was holy. But now that I’ve encountered Christ and heard Him preach, it’s different. I feel like I have nothing—that my stature is too small and I am too pitiful!” So, they think that there is no need to listen to Christ preach, that just reading The Word Appears in the Flesh is enough. What is foremost in the hearts of antichrists is that they want to deny the fact of God’s incarnation; they want to deny the fact that Christ expresses the truth, as if denying the fact that Christ expresses many truths were equivalent to denying the fact of God’s incarnation. This way, they have a hope at salvation, and they can reign as kings in the church. This satisfies their initial purpose for believing in God. Antichrists have an inborn nature of resistance to God; they are as incompatible with the incarnate God as fire and water, in eternal disaccord. They think that every day Christ exists is a day on which it will be hard for them to shine, and that they are in danger of being condemned, cast out, destroyed, and punished. So long as Christ does not speak and does not work, and so long as God’s chosen ones do not look up to Christ, then antichrists’ opportunity is upon them. They have a chance to demonstrate their abilities. With a wave of the hand, masses of people will defect to their side, and antichrists can rule as kings. The nature and essence of antichrists is to be sick of the truth and hateful toward Christ. They compete with Christ over who is the most talented or who is the most skilled at work; they compete with Christ over whose words are the most powerful and whose abilities are the greatest. As they are doing the same thing as Christ, they are out to make others see that although they and He alike are human, Christ’s abilities and scholarship are no better than an ordinary person’s. Antichrists compete with Christ in every way, contesting who is better, and trying to deny in every way the fact that Christ is God, that He is the embodiment of God’s Spirit, and that He is the embodiment of truth. They also think of various ways and means in every area to prevent Christ from having power among God’s chosen ones, to prevent Christ’s words from being spread or realized among God’s chosen ones, and even to prevent the things Christ does and His demands of, and hopes for, people from being realized among God’s chosen ones. It is as if when Christ is present, they are snubbed, and condemned and abandoned by the church—a group of people put in a dark corner. We can see in the various behaviors of antichrists that by essence and disposition, they are in an irresolvable struggle with Christ—they cannot be under the same sky as Him! Antichrists have been in opposition to God since they were born; they are out specifically to resist God, and they want to defeat and conquer Christ. They want all the work Christ does to be in vain and for nothing, so that in the end, Christ will not gain many people, and so that no matter where He does work, He will get no results. Only then will antichrists be happy. If Christ expresses truths, and people are thirsty for them, seek them, gladly accept them, are willing to expend themselves for Christ, to give up everything and spread Christ’s gospel, then antichrists grow depressed and feel there is no hope for tomorrow, that there will never be a chance for them to shine, as though they were cast into hell. To look at these behaviors of antichrists, is this essence of theirs to fight God and see Him as an enemy inculcated in them by someone else? It absolutely is not; they are born with it. Therefore, antichrists are a type of person that, from birth, is the reincarnation of the devil, the devil come to earth. They can never possibly accept the truth, and will never receive Christ, lift Christ up, or bear witness to Christ. Although by appearances, you will not see them publicly judge or condemn Christ, and although they can make sincere effort and pay a price, as soon as they have a chance, when the moment is ripe, antichrists’ rivalry with God will show itself. The truth that antichrists fight God and establish an independent kingdom will become public. All of these things have happened before in places where there are antichrists, and they have been especially frequent in these years when God does His work of judgment of the last days; many people have experienced and observed them.

—The Word, Vol. 4. Exposing Antichrists. Item Ten (Part Four)

The essence of the behavior of antichrists is to constantly use various means and methods to satisfy their ambitions and desires, to deceive and ensnare people, and to gain high status so that people will follow and worship them. It is possible that in the depths of their hearts they are not deliberately vying over humanity with God, but one thing is certain: Even when they do not vie with God for humans, they still wish to have status and power among them. Even if the day comes when they realize that they are vying with God for status, and they rein themselves in a bit, they still employ different methods to pursue status and reputation; it is clear to them in their hearts that they will secure legitimate status, by winning the approval and admiration of some people. In short, though everything antichrists do appears to comprise a performance of their duties, its consequence is to deceive people, to make them worship and follow them—in which case, performing their duty in this way is exalting and testifying to themselves. Their ambition to control people and to gain status and power in the church will never change. They are out-and-out antichrists. No matter what God says or does, and no matter what He asks of people, antichrists do not do what they should do or perform their duties in a way that befits His words and requirements, nor do they give up their pursuit of power and status as a result of understanding any of the truth. At all times, their ambitions and desires still remain, they still occupy their hearts and control their whole being, directing their behavior and thoughts, and determining the path they walk. They are bona fide antichrists. What is seen most of all in antichrists? Some people say, “Antichrists vie with God to gain people, they do not acknowledge God.” It is not that they do not acknowledge God; in their hearts they do genuinely acknowledge and believe in His existence. They are willing to follow Him and want to pursue the truth, but they can’t help themselves, and so they can do evil. Though they may say many things that sound good, one thing will never change: Their ambition and desire for power and status will never change, nor will they give up their pursuit of power and status because of failure or setback, or because God has set them aside or abandoned them. Such is the nature of antichrists. So what do you say, has there ever been an antichrist who changed their ways and began to pursue the truth because they suffered hardship, or came to understand a little of the truth, and acquired a little knowledge of God—do such people exist? We’ve never seen that. The antichrists’ ambition for and pursuit of status and power will never change, and once they seize power, they will never let it go; this determines precisely their nature essence. There is not the slightest inaccuracy in God’s defining such people as antichrists; it has been determined by their very nature essence. Some people, perhaps, believe that antichrists try to vie over humanity with God. However, sometimes antichrists do not necessarily have to vie with Him; their knowledge, understanding, and need for status and power are unlike those of normal people. Normal people can be vainglorious; they can try to win credit with others, try to make a good impression on them, and try to vie for a good ranking. This is the ambition of normal people. If they are replaced as leaders, losing their status, it will be hard for them, but with a change in their environment, some growth in their stature, some attainment of entry into the truth, or the gaining of a deeper understanding of the truth, their ambition gradually cools. A change occurs in the path they take and the direction they proceed along, and their pursuit of status and power fades. Their desires, too, gradually lessen. Antichrists, however, are different: They could never give up their pursuit of status and power. At any given time, in any environment, and no matter what people they have around them and however old they might be, their ambition and desire will never change. What indicates that their ambition will never change? Say, for example, that they are a church leader. In their hearts, they’re always thinking about how they can control everyone in the church. If they are transferred to another church where they are not the leader, will they gladly be a normal follower? Absolutely not. They will still be thinking about how to gain status, and how to control everyone. No matter where they go, they wish to rule like a king. Even if they were put in a place with no people, in a flock of sheep, they would still want to lead the flock. If they were put with cats and dogs, they would want to be king of the cats and dogs, and rule over the animals. They are consumed with ambition, are they not? Are such people’s dispositions not demonic? Are these not the dispositions of Satan? Satan is just such a thing. In heaven, Satan wanted to stand equal to God, and after being cast to earth, it always tried to control man, to make man worship it and treat it as God. Antichrists always want to control people because they have a satanic nature; they live according to their satanic disposition, which has already gone beyond the bounds of normal people’s sense. Isn’t this a little abnormal? What does this abnormality refer to? It means that their behavior should not be found in normal humanity. So, what is this behavior? What governs it? It is governed by their nature. They have the essence of an evil spirit, and are unlike normal corrupt mankind. This is the difference. That antichrists will stop at nothing in their pursuit of power and status not only exposes their nature essence, but also shows people that their hideous countenance is exactly the face of Satan and demons. Not only do they vie with people for status, they also dare to vie with God for status and take God’s chosen ones for themselves. They will only be satisfied when His chosen ones are completely under their control. No matter which church or group of people antichrists are in, they want to gain status, hold power, and make people listen to them. Regardless of whether people are willing or whether they agree, antichrists want to have the final say and have people obey and accept them. Is this not the nature of an antichrist? Are people willing to listen to them? Do they elect them and recommend them? No. But antichrists still want to have the final say. No matter whether people agree or not, antichrists want to speak and act on their behalf, they want to be noticed. They even try to force their ideas on other people, and if people don’t accept it, antichrists will rack their brains trying to make them accept it. What problem is this? This is shamelessness and brazenness. People such as this are bona fide antichrists, and regardless of whether they are leaders or not, they are antichrists all the same. They have the nature essence of an antichrist.

—The Word, Vol. 4. Exposing Antichrists. Item Five: They Deceive, Draw In, Threaten, and Control People

Antichrists have the highest interest in material things, money, and status. They’re certainly nothing like how they describe themselves, “I believe in God. I don’t pursue the world, and I don’t covet money.” They’re absolutely not as they say. Why do they pursue and maintain status with all their might? Because they wish to possess, or control and seize, everything they have jurisdiction over—money and material things, in particular. They enjoy these riches and material things as though they were the trappings of their status. They’re genuine descendants of the archangel, with the nature essence of Satan in name and in fact. All who pursue status and value wealth certainly have a problem with the essence of their disposition. It’s not so simple as them just having an antichrist’s disposition: They are very ambitious. They want to control the money of God’s house. If they’re made responsible for an item of work, then first of all, they won’t let others interfere, nor will they accept inquiries or supervision from the Above; beyond that, when they’re the supervisors of any item of work, they’ll find ways to show themselves off, safeguard themselves, and elevate themselves. They always wish to come out on top, to become people who rule over and control others. They also wish to wield and vie for higher status, and even to control every part of God’s house—its money, especially. Antichrists have a special love for money. When they see it, their eyes light up; in their minds, they’re always thinking about money and making efforts toward it. These are all signs and signals of antichrists. If you fellowship the truth with them, or try to learn about the brothers’ and sisters’ states, asking such questions as how many of them are weak and negative, what results each of them is getting in their duty, and which of them aren’t suited to their duty, antichrists won’t be interested. But when it comes to God’s offerings—the amount of money, who’s safeguarding it, where it’s being kept, its passcodes, and so on—this is what they care about most. An antichrist has an exceptional command of these things. They know them like the back of their hand. This, too, is a sign of an antichrist. Antichrists are best at speaking nice-sounding words, but they don’t do practical work. Instead, they’re always preoccupied with thoughts of enjoying God’s offerings. Tell Me, aren’t antichrists immoral? They have no humanity at all—they’re devils, through and through.

—The Word, Vol. 4. Exposing Antichrists. Item Eight (Part Two)

How should God’s chosen people treat antichrists? They must discern them, expose them, report them, and spurn them. Only then can following God to the very end and entering onto the right track of faith in God be assured. Antichrists are not your leaders, no matter how they beguiled their way into leadership. Don’t acknowledge them, and don’t accept their leadership—you must discern them and spurn them, because they can’t help you understand the truth, nor can they support you or provide for you. These are the facts. If they cannot lead you into the truth reality, they are not fit to be leaders or workers. If they cannot lead you to understanding the truth and experiencing the work of God, they are those who oppose God, and you should discern them, expose them, and spurn them. Everything they do is in order to dupe you into following them, and to make you join their group to undermine and disturb the work of the church, to rope you into taking the path of antichrists, as they do. They want to drag you to hell! If you cannot tell them for what they are, and believe that since they are your leaders, you should submit to them, and make concessions to them, then you are someone who betrays both the truth and God—and such people cannot be saved. If you wish to be saved, not only must you surpass the hurdle of the great red dragon, and not only must you be able to discern the great red dragon, to see through to its hideous countenance and forsake it utterly—there is also the hurdle of the antichrists for you to surpass. In the church, an antichrist is not only the enemy of God, but also the enemy of God’s chosen people. If you cannot discern an antichrist, you are liable to be deceived and won over, walk the antichrist’s path, and be cursed and punished by God. If that happens, your faith in God has completely failed. What must people possess to be granted salvation? First, they must understand many truths, and be able to discern the essence, disposition, and path of an antichrist. This is the only way to ensure not worshiping or following people while believing in God, and the only way to follow God to the very end. Only people who are able to discern an antichrist can truly believe in, follow, and bear witness for God. Some will then say, “What do I do if I don’t currently have the truth for that?” You must equip yourself with the truth with all haste; you must learn to see into people and things. Discerning an antichrist is no simple matter, and requires the ability to clearly see their essence, and see through the plots, tricks, intentions and goals behind everything they do. That way you will not be deceived or controlled by them, and you can stand firm, safely and securely pursue the truth, and be steadfast on the path of pursuing the truth and attaining salvation. If you cannot surpass the hurdle of the antichrists, then it can be said that you are in great danger, and you are liable to be deceived and captured by an antichrist and come to live under Satan’s influence. It is possible that there are some among you who hinder and trip people who pursue the truth, and they are those people’s enemies. Do you accept this? There are some who do not dare to face this fact, nor do they dare to accept it as fact. But the deception of antichrists really does happen in the churches, and happens often; it is just that people cannot discern it. If you cannot pass this test—the test of antichrists, then you are either deceived and controlled by antichrists or made to suffer, tortured, pushed out, suppressed, and abused by them. Ultimately, your measly little life will not withstand for long, and will wither; you will no longer have faith in God, and you will say, “God isn’t even righteous! Where is God? There is no righteousness or light in this world, and there’s no such thing as God’s salvation of humanity. We might as well pass our days going to work and making money!” You deny God, you stray from God, and no longer believe that He exists; any hope that you will obtain salvation is entirely gone. So, if you want to get to where you can be granted salvation, the first test you must pass is one of being able to perceive and see through Satan, and you must also have the courage to stand up and expose and forsake Satan. Where, then, is Satan? Satan is at your side and all around you; it might even be living inside your heart. If you are living within Satan’s disposition, it can be said that you belong to Satan. You cannot see or touch the Satan and evil spirits of the spiritual world, but the Satan and living devils that exist in real life are everywhere. Any person who is sick of the truth is evil, and any leader or worker who does not accept the truth is an antichrist or false leader. Are such people not Satans and living devils? These people might be the very ones you worship and look up to; they could be the people who lead you or the people you have long admired, trusted, relied upon, and hoped for in your heart. In fact, however, they are roadblocks standing in your way and hindering you from pursuing the truth and obtaining salvation; they are false leaders and antichrists. They can take control of your life and the path you walk, and they can ruin your chance to be granted salvation. If you fail to discern them and see through them, then at any moment, you could be deceived and captured. Thus, you are in great danger. If you cannot extricate yourself from this danger, you are Satan’s sacrificial victim. Anyway, people who are deceived and controlled, and become the followers of an antichrist can never, ever attain salvation. Because they do not love or pursue the truth, it is an inevitable result that they are deceived and follow an antichrist.

—The Word, Vol. 4. Exposing Antichrists. Item Three: They Exclude and Attack Those Who Pursue the Truth

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