184 The Kingdom

Verse 1

The kingdom is Christ’s kingdom, the city of saints.

Here God’s riches and glory are made manifest.

Lightning comes from the East and shines unto the West.

The true light’s here, God’s word has appeared in the flesh.

The Savior’s returned, descending on a white cloud.

Saints today stand before the throne to worship God.

In the last days, past saints have risen, standing firm.

They’re cruelly oppressed in China, the demons’ home.

Verse 2

Over 6,000 years, saints have shed blood, wept tears,

unable to go home, no place to rest, drifting.

In misery’s dark chasm, Satan’s legions dance.

The battle, blood, tears usher in the kingdom’s coming.

We hear God’s voice and are raptured before His throne.

We go through Christ’s judgment, attend the Lamb’s wedding feast.

We’re purified by God’s words, see He’s righteous, holy.

Conquered, perfected by God’s words,

we’re saved by Him, we are saved by Him.


I praise and sing of Almighty God’s wondrous deeds.

I praise forever His righteous disposition.

I love so much His humility, hiddenness.

I cheer, I leap for His omnipotence and wisdom,

His omnipotence and wisdom.

Verse 3

Unable to repay God’s love, my heart feels guilt and pain.

I have a heart, spirit, so why can’t I love God?

God’s my support, why fear? I’ll fight Satan till the end.

God lifts us, so leave all, fight to bear Christ’s witness.

God will surely carry out His will upon earth.

I’ll give my love, loyalty, devotion to Him.

I will welcome His return when He comes in glory.

When Christ’s kingdom is realized,

I will again meet Him, I will again meet Him.

Verse 4

Christ comes to earth as a man in flesh to do battle,

wipes away the saints’ tears, saves them from Satan.

We hate devils, the bitter enemies of God.

Their bloody crimes are untold, leaving clear memories.

Filled with seething hate, our anger can’t be restrained.

We denounce Satan, pray it be judged and punished.

There can be no compromise, we vow to fight to the end.

Only Satan’s kingdom’s ruin can relieve hate.

Only Satan’s kingdom’s ruin can relieve hate.

Verse 5

Many victorious, good soldiers come from hardships.

Victorious with God, we’re now His testimony.

All peoples flow to this mountain, walking in God’s light.

Look to the day when God gains glory, it’s coming quickly.

The kingdom’s great splendor must show throughout the world.

The kingdom’s future is bright, fascinating.

God comes Himself to the world to take up power.

Past saints rise from the death, enjoy eternal blessings.


God issues the truth, judges man,

shows His righteousness, His righteousness.

Disasters end Satan’s world,

God’s kingdom is on earth, it’s on earth.

The kingdom is Christ’s kingdom,

the city of saints (the city of saints).

Here God’s riches and glory

are made manifest (are made manifest).

Here God’s riches and glory are made manifest.

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