120 God’s Love Is Forever Among Us

1 From all directions, we have been brought before God’s throne, gathering before Him to attend the marriage feast of the Lamb. God has led us through the ages and through tumultuous hardships, bringing us to the present. The judgment of the last days has started with God’s house. The one true God has appeared, speaking from His throne, and all in heaven and on earth are welcoming His arrival. The people are all rejoicing and praising God’s return.

2 Almighty God has led us into the Age of Kingdom, walking daily among the churches to shepherd and water us. He uses words to judge, chastise, try, and purify us. We discard our deceitfulness and disguises, turning into honest people. It is God’s love that links our hearts close together. Living within His words, we are connected heart and soul, and love each other. Simply and openly seeking the truth, we have God’s blessings. We practice the truth so that His love will forever exist among us.

3 It is the judgment and chastisement of God’s words that have purified us, enabling us to fear Him and shun evil, and have real repentance. Long ago we discarded our notions and fancies and religious ceremonies. No longer will we be caught up in worldly entanglements or societal philosophies. Doing everything based on God’s words sets our spirits free and brings so much enjoyment. Understanding the truth has given us genuine human lives. We devote ourselves wholeheartedly, expending for God to repay His love. We pursue the truth and live out reality to bear testimony to God’s love.

4 Brothers and sisters, chances to gather these days are hard-won. To fulfill God’s commissions, we again must run hither and thither. The road to the kingdom is tumultuous, and we must pray to God with one heart and mind. Gaining life is not easy, making it even more important for us to do our utmost to seek. Though we suffer through being judged, and have shed more than a few tears, our dispositions have been transformed and we have tasted of God’s love. We follow His will, spreading the gospel and bearing witness to Him. We shall love God in earnest, and must not cause His good intentions to be wasted on us. We shall love God in earnest, so that His love will forever be among us.

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