121 The Likeness of Those Who Love God

1 Those who love God are upright. Their hearts are honest and pure. They follow Christ wholeheartedly, without doubts or reservations. Those who truly love God hunger and thirst for righteousness. They love the truth, cherish God’s words, and depend on God’s words to live.

2 Those who love God obey Him. They are kind and possessed of humanity. They are never careless or perfunctory in their duties. They are considerate of God’s will in all things. Those who truly love God share God’s urgencies and thoughts. They expend themselves faithfully and endure hardship without complaint, never mentioning any reward.

3 Those who love God fear Him. They understand the truth and put it into practice. They accept God’s scrutiny in all things. They are upstanding and live in the light. Those who truly love God seek His will in all things. They are principled in speech and action, and live out the reality of the truth.

4 Those who love God are devoted to Him. Faced with trials, they bear witness. They’d rather lose their own life than betray God. Those who truly love God focus on seeking to know Him. They submit to God’s orchestrations without complaint, and their hearts of love for God never change.

5 Those who love God perform their duty faithfully and are most blessed by God. Those who love God are honest people whom God loves. Those who love God obey Him and are those who follow His will. Only those who love God are qualified for perfection through judgment and chastisement.

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