885 God’s Earnest Intentions Behind His Work to Save Man


In the stage of work in the last days,

man has seen God’s love,

His judgment and chastisement.

God supplies, supports, enlightens and guides man,

so man will come to see His intentions

and to see the truth He bestows on mankind.

Verse 1

God does not always discipline and chasten,

nor does He always show tolerance and patience.

Instead, He provides for each person in different ways,

at their own stages, according to statures and qualities.

He does many things for man at a great cost man can’t see.

Verse 2

God’s love is real: Through the grace of God,

man skirts disaster time after time and again.

And through all of this God tolerates man’s weakness.

He’ll judge and chastise, so people will realize man’s corruption.

Man will come to understand his essence is satanic.

Chorus 1

That which God provides and His guidance

show man truth’s essence,

so they will know what people need,

the road that they should take,

the worth and meaning of life, and how to walk the road.

Verse 3

God’s ways of working are a ceaseless effort

to help man’s heart awaken, so that man can realize

who guides and supports him, where mankind came from,

who’s kept him living, who’s the Creator and who to worship.

So man will know what road to walk and know how to come to God.

Chorus 2

It’s all to help man’s heart revive,

so man can know what’s in God’s heart,

so human beings can comprehend

the care and thought behind

the work that God performs to save humankind.

Verse 4

When man’s heart awakens, man no longer wishes

to keep on living with corrupt disposition,

but instead seek truth to satisfy God.

Then he’ll be able to break free from Satan

and be harmed no longer.

Satan will lose all control, man will be deceived no more.


Instead man will cooperate

in God’s work and His words to satisfy God’s heart,

thus will attain fear of God, shunning evil.

This is why God began His work.

This is why God began His work.

Adapted from The Word, Vol. 2. On Knowing God. God Himself, the Unique VI

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