244 God’s Salvation of Man Is So Real

1 After experiencing the judgment of Christ’s words, my heart is finally awoken: I see how profound my corruption is—that I truly am the spawn of Satan. I single-mindedly pursue status and prestige, wishing always to wield the power of a king; I live by my own notions and imaginings, and yet still believe myself possessed of the truth, always hoping to receive God’s blessings in return for my own hard work and suffering. I reflect on my thoughts and deeds and see how arrogant and ignorant I am. Without the revelation and judgment of God’s words, I would be incapable of knowing myself; it is thanks to God’s judgment that I have truly repented.

2 God’s words are severe, they pierce my heart and penetrate the depths of my soul. Though I suffer pain, in my heart I understand that God’s words are the truth. God is so high and noble, yet He is humble and self-effacing; I feel inescapable shame and bow down before God with the utmost repentance. I resolve to pursue being honest, to accept the truth, and learn to obey God; if I cannot accept the truth and judgment, then I am not fit to be called human. If I still dare to be rebellious, then I will undoubtedly offend God’s disposition; if I deliberately oppose God, then I will truly be one of degenerates, those who are devoid of conscience and reason.

3 Experiencing God’s words of judgment, I have come to understand many truths, and I see that the world is dark and evil because Satan holds power—it is man’s satanic disposition that directs his evildoing, sin, and opposition to God; mankind brims with satanic disposition and shall ultimately be eliminated. Only God’s judgment and chastisement can cleanse and save mankind. It truly is by God’s grace that I can accept His judgment; eating, drinking, and enjoying His words is my life’s greatest blessing. I behold how lovely God is, and I shall forever be thankful to Him and praise Him.

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