243 God’s Salvation of Man Is So Real

1 After experiencing the judgment of Christ’s words, my heart is finally awoken. I see how profound my corruption is, that I am a descendant of Satan. If I were not conquered by God’s words, it would be so difficult to accept God’s judgment. I reflect on how my actions and thoughts brimmed with satanic dispositions. I only pursued renown and status, I wanted to wield the power of a king. I lived by conceptions and imaginings, yet still fancied that I possessed the truth. I thought that I could receive God’s blessings in return for working hard and suffering. How fortunate that God’s judgment came upon me; only then did I truly repent.

2 God’s stern words pierce the depths of my soul. Though I suffer pain, in my heart I understand that God’s words are the truth. To be someone honest, I must accept the truth and learn to obey God. If I do not accept the judgment of the truth, I am not fit to be human. If I still dare to disobey, then I shall be offending God’s disposition. I deliberately oppose God and lose my conscience and rationality, I am really a scum. God’s judgment makes me repent and bow down before God. Judgment and chastisement are God’s salvation, and my heart praises God.

3 After experiencing the judgment of God’s words, I have understood many truths. I see that world’s darkness and evil are because Satan holds power. Satanic disposition directs people in committing evil, sinning, and opposing God. Mankind brims with satanic dispositions, it has long since lost the semblance of humanity. Only the judgment and chastisement of God can purify and save mankind. That I can accept God’s judgment is thanks to His grace and elevation. To eat, drink, and enjoy God’s words is my life’s greatest blessing. I see that God is so lovely, and I shall forever praise God and be thankful to Him.

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