257 My Heart Requires Nothing Else

1 God has become flesh and expressed the truth, bestowing life upon man. He has endured all humiliation and suffering to save mankind, He has been rejected by this age. God’s love is so great and so real, it has taken firm root in my heart. With heart and soul, how could I once again become negative and rebellious, wounding God? I used to be immature, foolish, and ignorant, I never took God’s will to heart. Though I fulfilled my duty, without the truth I couldn’t remotely bear witness to God. Now I have seen that God has paid such a great price to save mankind. I wish to give all my strength to pursuing the truth and fulfilling my duty to satisfy God.

2 Judgment and chastisement are God’s blessings, and they give me so much. So many times I was weak and negative, it was God’s words that guided and comforted me. So many times I stumbled and fell, it was God’s words that helped me back up. Over the years of refinement all the love God’s given me is great and unforgettable. Accepting God’s judgment, I’ve come to know my own corrupt disposition. Amidst hardships I’ve learned to submit, my disposition has changed. I’ve tasted how wonderful the banquet God has laid out for me is. Being able today to live out a bit of a human likeness is entirely because of God’s salvation.

3 God’s judgment and chastisement have cleansed me, I’m determined to repay His love. I’m so fortunate to know God, it truly is the greatest blessing in this life. God has guided me step by step onto the right path of bright life. Having the fortune to receive God’s judgment and chastisement is the most valuable thing. God’s righteousness and holiness are worthy of praise, I can’t love them enough. I wish to receive even more of God’s judgment, may it be with me as I serve God for life. God’s judgment has allowed me to gain salvation and become someone with humanity. I live out a real human life, I will always give thanks for God’s love.

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