252 I’ve Enjoyed So Much of God’s Love

1 I am a corrupt person full of a satanic disposition. Your words’ judgment and revelation make me feel ashamed. I’ve seen my corruption is too deep, I have so little human likeness. And I lack any reality of the truth. This saddens my heart. I quietly weep in distress. Why can’t I satisfy You? Seeing how anxiously You await my repentance, I am no longer lost and in despair. Your love shatters my heart, Your love makes my tears flow like rain. Your love has conquered my heart, it has made me love You so much. I’ve gained the truth by following You, only You are so lovely.

2 Undergoing the judgment of Your words, I’ve clearly seen the truth of my corruption. I lack any humanity and sense, yet I’m still arrogant and self-righteous. What I live out is all a satanic disposition, yet I think I have good humanity. I’ve seen my corruption is so deep and I need Your cleansing and salvation. Every word of Your judgment exposes the source of my corruption. I repent and prostrate myself, I’ve seen Your righteousness. Corrupt humanity gaining judgment and cleansing is nothing but Your love. Living before You today is entirely Your salvation. I gain the grace of Your salvation, my love for You becomes purer.

3 I may be within a trial, yet my heart feels Your love. Through refinement Your words are my comfort, I know You are perfecting me. Receiving Your cleansing and salvation is truly Your grace. I’ve seen what great love is hidden within Your judgment and chastisement. I feel joy just that I can love You, I cannot hold back my praises for You. Your love is so great, so true, so beautiful, my enjoyment is endless. My heart is entirely Yours, I will always exalt and bear witness to You. I wish to love You for all my days, for You to gain my love. You’ve given me so much love, I wish to love You into eternity.

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