288 God Loves Us to This Day

1 God incarnate has arrived amongst humanity, and humble and hidden, He expresses the truth, experiencing human suffering in person and tasting all the bitterness and sweetness of the mundane world. He walks among the churches, passing through countless springs, summers, autumns, and winters. His words judge and cleanse us, saving us from Satan. Only now that we have come face to face with Christ do we see that God is the truth. Our hearts have been called awake by God, and we see how profoundly corrupt we are. It is thanks to His patience and tolerance that we are saved. We experience the greatness of God’s salvation; He is truly worthy of our love and praise.

2 To bring humanity salvation, God has undergone all manner of suffering, shedding blood, sweat, and tears. Scenes of the past are difficult to forget, and God’s love of humanity is immeasurable. In times of weakness, God propped me up; when my heart ached, His words brought me solace. When I was arrogant, God chastened and disciplined me; step by step, He has led me to today. So many times has God brought majestic judgment, and so many times has He pruned and dealt with us, purifying us of corruption so that we might live as a true human being should. We have undergone trials and tribulations, and God’s words guide, enlighten, and lead us, granting us faith and strength. With God, we have overcome Satan. God has always been with us; how can we fail to meet His expectations? Bearing His exhortations in mind, I will fulfill my duty to console Him, willingly enduring all trials and suffering and bearing resounding testimony to glorify Him. The path to loving God is rife with frustrations and hardships; after becoming negative or falling down, I will stand back up again. However great the setbacks I may encounter, I will always love God with neither complaint nor regret!

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