289 God Has Always Kept Watch Over Man

1 Two thousand years have gone by, and You have constantly watched over mankind. Through eons of eternal changes, Your resolve to bring salvation to humanity has never wavered. You were once persecuted and nailed to the cross, selflessly dedicating Yourself, and paying the ultimate price to redeem man from sin. You have returned among humans in the last days, appearing in the flesh. You suffer together with man through wind and rain, enduring so many sleepless nights. You have put blood, sweat, and tears into working Your heart out for people’s sake, expressing thousands upon thousands of words. You bestow precious truths upon mankind, and have conquered the hearts of the masses.

2 The revelations and judgment of Your words have caused us to recognize our own corrupt nature. Our disposition is both arrogant and deceitful, and our conduct is completely based upon Satan’s philosophy. Long ago, we ceased to have the likeness of humans; like beasts, we have fallen into sin. It is Your judgment, trials and refinements that have cleansed us of our satanic disposition. From Your judgment and chastisement, we have enjoyed Your love and mercy. Your righteous disposition makes people revere You and gives rise to adoration. Your judgment and chastisement are love, and have purified and saved us. Having tasted of so much of Your love, our hearts burst forth with adoration for You. O God! Day and night, You worry for us, and are always by our side, watching over us. You speak and water us every day, leading us hand in hand. Your love is most beautiful and most pure, and You are worthy of man’s praise. We would give the love in our hearts to You, and forever shall we bear testimony for You.

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