291 Almighty God’s Love Is the Purest

1 Oh God! You’ve become flesh and given up everything to save mankind. You’ve never experienced warmth among humans or gained their sincerity. Having tasted of all the world’s bitterness, You’ve quietly worked for decades. All the words You’ve expressed are the truth, granting humanity the way of eternal life. However, people don’t know it; they condemn and slander You, refusing to accept Your salvation. You’ve endured humiliation, yet still You move people through love, saving mankind as much as possible. Oh God! Selflessly, You have given humanity all of Your love. In heaven and on earth, only You are love; Almighty God’s love is the purest.

2 Oh God! All of the truths You express to judge and chastise are to save mankind. Your words reveal man’s nature; hardships and trials purify man’s corruption. You arrange people, events, and things to help us to understand the truth. Yet we don’t understand Your will; we harbor notions, and cannot submit to Your arrangements. Stubborn and rebellious, we avoid Your judgment; we truly lack sense, hurting You through and through. You’ve always been tolerant and patient, nourishing and watering us; our numb hearts are now aware. Oh God! You’ve worked Your heart out to save us, paying the price of life. In heaven and on earth, only You are love; Almighty God’s love is the purest. Almighty God! You are most worthy of man’s love; we will always love You and bear witness to You.

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