866 The Meaning of Jesus’ Appearance After His Resurrection

Verse 1

God wanted man to come close to Him,

to be His family, and not avoid Him.

So after His resurrection,

Jesus appeared in flesh and ate and drank with man.

Pre-chorus 1

God sees man as family,

wants to be seen as the One dearest to them.

This way God can gain man,

and man can love and worship God.

Chorus 1

Much thought had been put into what

Jesus said and did after resurrection.

This was full of His love for man and His care for

His deep relationship with man when He was in flesh.

This was full of His longing for the days of

eating and living together

with His followers during His time in the flesh.

Verse 2

God never wanted man to feel distanced from Him,

nor did He want mankind to distance from Him.

Nor did He want man to feel Jesus after His resurrection

was no longer the Lord once intimate with His people,

or that Jesus returned to the Father

whom they could never see or reach,

not wanting man to feel they were different in status.

Pre-chorus 2

When God sees people who wish to follow

but keep their distance from Him,

He hurts because their hearts are far

and will be hard to gain.

Chorus 2

All Jesus did made man feel

that the Lord had not changed.

Though crucified, He had been resurrected,

He had never left mankind.

He had returned among humans.

Nothing about Him had changed.

He let man feel close and at ease,

and regain Him with joy.

With great ease, they relied on and looked up to Him,

this Son of man who could forgive each of their sins.

They prayed to Jesus without hesitation,

to obtain His grace, and blessings,

His peace, joy and care, and gain His protection.

Adapted from The Word, Vol. 2. On Knowing God. God’s Work, God’s Disposition, and God Himself III

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