865 God Is Grieved by Mankind’s Evil and Corruption

Verse 1

When God becomes flesh, He lives an average life,

side-by-side with people among mankind.

The way they live and their laws and methods

are all based on the logic of Satan,

on its knowledge and its philosophy.

Living under these types of laws, God sees

humans have no truth or humanity—

they defy all truth and are hostile to God.

Verse 2

God’s essence is exactly the opposite

of Satan’s logic, knowledge, philosophy.

It’s full of righteousness, truth and holiness,

and other realities of positive things.

Pre-chorus 1

God, with this essence, and living among mankind,

what does He feel in His heart?

Would it not be full of pain?

It would be filled with pain that none may understand

and none may experience.

Yes, His heart is in pain.


God’s essence is not the same

as that of corrupt humans,

so the corruption of humans

is the source of God’s greatest pain.

Verse 3

Everything God encounters, hears and sees,

and all that He experiences

is all a part of mankind’s corruption,

mankind’s evil and their rebellion

against the truth and their resistance to it.

Yes, everything that comes from humans,

that God is receiving from mankind,

that is the source of God’s suffering.

Pre-chorus 2

When God becomes flesh, there are none to be found

who can communicate with

or have this exchange with God.

Things that people discuss, love, pursue and long for,

they are all to do with sin

and with evil tendencies.


When God faces all of this,

it’s like a knife to His heart.

So how can He have joy in His heart?

Could He find consolation?

How could His heart not suffer

when those who live with Him are humans

full of rebelliousness and evil?


God’s essence is not the same

as that of corrupt humans,

so the corruption of humans

is the source of God’s greatest pain.

Adapted from “God’s Work, God’s Disposition, and God Himself III” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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