132 The Reluctance of Parting

1 Looking back on our time with God: There were cheers and laughter, tears and pain. How happy were our days in God’s company. They gave us memories we shall never forget. Oh, God! In our many years of gatherings, You have expressed truths and cleansed our corruption. Now that we understand the truth, we have changed and become new people. Your love, so pure, is rooted deep within our hearts. Your words have become our faith, our love. Our feelings for You run deep. We cannot bear to be apart from You. But today You are soon to leave us. How could we not be reluctant? How could we not be reluctant?

2 You lived alongside us night and day. Each day, You expressed the truth to water us. We revealed so much corruption and pained Your heart greatly. Tolerant and patient, You have always guided us. Oh, God! You’ve taken such pains to save us. You saw how immature our statures were, and You grew worried and anxious. You patiently fellowshiped the truth, supporting and providing for us. You were there with us during trials and adversity. Guiding and enlightening us with Your words, You made us stand strong. Entirely by Your grace, we underwent judgment and cleansing. Having enjoyed so much of Your love, how could we not love You? Your love spurs us on; we will never regret loving You.

3 Your work completed, You will soon return to Zion. We truly cannot bear to see You go. We think back on these years of Your leading us step-by-step. Scenes from the past appear before our eyes. You judged and cleansed our corrupt dispositions. You saved us from the great red dragon’s affliction. Your words guided us and allowed us to stand firm in our testimony. Through tribulations and trials, our lives grew. Your love is so great, Your loveliness so much. You are fit for man’s praise and worship. The grace of Your salvation is etched deep within my heart. I steel my resolve to perform my duty well and bear beautiful, resounding testimony. Your love shall forever remain in my heart; always will I love and cherish You.

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