131 Watching God’s Receding Figure

1 Watching Your receding figure, my heart is filled with emotion. All those wondrous times with Your accompaniment flit before my eyes. You were with us day and night, expressing the truth and providing for us, planting the truth and the life in the fields of our hearts. Many times, we were hardened and rebellious, and You sternly judged, flogged, and disciplined us; only then, in return, did we repent and change. Many times, when we failed and fell, You used words to comfort and inspire us, giving us the strength and faith to stand up again. You were with us through trials and times of adversity, watching over us at every moment. Your words guided us to stand testimony. You worked Your heart out for us, doing Your best to speak utterances for us. Your words were warm and compelling, and Your love supremely considerate. So much about You is lovable, and we cannot bear for You to go. Your love, Your presence—they haunt my heart, and are so hard to forget.

2 Watching Your receding figure, my heart is filled with remorse. I never cherished the time spent with You. You raised me up to perform my duty, yet I sought status and reputation. Verbally, I said I loved You and was faithful to You, but deep down I thought only of my prospects and fate. I have never given You my sincerity; I have repaid You with mere perfunctory behavior and deceit. Greedy for the comforts of the flesh, I have missed so many chances to be made perfect. And now, You are about to leave, and I am stricken with grief and anxiety. I hate myself for being so numb, and for awakening too late. I resolve to seek the truth and make up for my past indebtedness. I shall cherish what time remains, and finally pledge my loyalty. Even if the path ahead is tumultuous and thick with thorns, I shall embrace these travails, following You with neither complaint nor regret. Loyally, I shall perform my duty, loving You and testifying to You. I shall give my heart over to You, in an offering of my pure love.

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