3 Kingdom Anthem
(III) All People, Shout for Joy

Verse 1

In God’s light, the people see light again.

In God’s word, they find things to enjoy.

God has come from the East, and when His glory shines,

every nation lights up, nothing remains in the dark.

Kingdom life with God is unbridled delight.

Waters dance and celebrate the blessed lives of men.

Mountains freely share God’s abundance with man.

They’re loyal in the kingdom, working hard.

Verse 2

In the kingdom, there’s no rebellion there, no more resistance.

God and man, are close, deeply sharing life’s joys.

Earth and heaven depend on each other,

and God starts the heavenly life,

with Satan absent, the people at rest.

Through the universe, God’s chosen live in His glory.

Their life is not that of man with man, but with God.

They are blessed beyond compare.

Verse 3

All men endured Satan’s corruption,

tasted life’s sweetness and bitterness.

Now living in God’s light, how can one not rejoice?

How can one let such a beautiful moment pass?

People, sing songs, dance, and play drums for God!

Offer up sincere hearts to God!

God shines joy over the universe,

and shows the people His glorious face.


God shall thunder, transcend the whole universe.

God reigns among His people, exalted.

He drifts through blue heavens, and people move with Him.

God walks with His people, and they gather ’round.

People’s hearts are joyful; their songs go forth,

shake the universe, and crack the skies.

No more fog or mud in the universe,

there’s no more gathering of foul water here.

Verse 4

Holy people of the universe,

under God’s inspection, show their true face.

They are not impure people, but saints pure as jade.

They are all God’s beloved, they are all God’s delights.

All things live again; saints are now serving God,

back in heaven in His warm embrace.

There’s no more weeping, no more anxiousness.

They offer themselves to Him.

Verse 5

The holy ones, returning to God’s home,

are now living in their homeland.

Here they will endlessly love Him, without changing.

No more sorrow and tears, and where is the flesh?

Earth no more, the heavens forever.

God appears to all men and all praise Him.

This life, this beauty, will never change.

This is life in the kingdom, the kingdom.

Adapted from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. God’s Words to the Entire Universe, Rejoice, All Ye People!

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