215 The Day of God’s Glory

Verse 1

One day when the whole universe returns to God,

His core work will follow His word everywhere;

and people will phone, fly and sail, use lasers

so they can receive the words God utters.

Verse 2

All will adore and yearn for God, come close to Him.

All will worship Him and all this will be His deeds.

And God will not begin elsewhere, remember this!

His work in other places He will cease.

Bridge 1

God will make all men throughout the universe

seek out the true way, come and worship God on earth.

Verse 3

The whole of the religious community

will experience a severe famine.

Only the God of today is the wellspring

of living water; men will depend upon Him.

Bridge 2

The day of God’s glory will be when all rejoice;

all who come to you and gain God’s good news will be blessed.

Verse 4

In the future those who gain the words from God’s mouth

will have a path to walk on earth, will know the way.

Those without God’s words, whatever their vocation,

will struggle with each step, they must seek the true way.

Bridge 3

This is the meaning of “With the truth you’ll walk the world;

without the truth, you will get nowhere.”

Verse 5

God’s words will spread to countless homes, be known by all.

Only then will His work permeate the universe.

To make this come to pass, His words must be spread.

On God’s glory day, His words will show their power.

Bridge 4

All words will come to pass which He’s uttered to this day.

Glory will be to God on earth, where His words will reign.

Verse 6

Wicked men will be chastised by words from God’s mouth,

all who are righteous will be blessed by His words.

All will be set up and completed by words He speaks,

all will be achieved and accomplished by His words.

Adapted from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. The Millennial Kingdom Has Arrived

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