240 God’s Love Saved Me

1 Despite believing in the Lord for many years, I always lived amidst religious doctrines, notions, and fancies, neither knowing to experience the Lord’s words nor what it meant to submit before Him. Being able to talk about biblical knowledge and doctrine, I considered myself to have an understanding of the truth, and my expenditures and suffering for the Lord were all done in order to gain blessings and enter the kingdom of heaven. When it came to Satan’s evil force, I was just resigned to it, and put no effort into discerning; I even prayed and implored God for blessings on behalf of the demonic ruler. I truly was foolish, ignorant, and blind. Had it not been for God’s having incarnated in the last days to express the truth to cleanse and save us, we deeply corrupted humans could only continue to struggle amidst sin. How could we be worthy of salvation in the last days?

2 Thanks to the arrival of God’s judgment, I gained a clear view of the true face of my corruption. In my faith in God, I had only known how to try to strike deals with Him; I had never sincerely loved Him. Upon encountering trials and refinement, I had not sought the truth, and I had gone so far as to complain and grumble about God. Seeing that His work was not in line with my notions, I had even doubted, passed judgment on, and condemned Him. While believing in God, I had not recognized His righteous disposition, and had not exhibited any fear or submission whatsoever toward Him. The facts showed that I had been overly disobedient and resistant. My ugly face had been laid bare. Now, I enjoy God’s judgment, and my corruption is being cleansed away, all due to His love and mercy. For such a corrupt person as myself to be able to attain God’s great salvation, how can I not feel grateful for His love? Being fortunate enough to be judged and gain the truth in the last days is my greatest of blessings. It is God’s love that has caused me to attain salvation. I thank and praise Almighty God. Only God loves man most.

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