253 I Ask Only That God Be Satisfied

Verse 1

I’ve enjoyed so much of God’s grace,

but have not pursued the truth.

Though my duty I’ve performed,

all I did was go through the motions.

And I even tried to fool God,

I’ve deeply hurt God’s heart.

God showed lenience and mercy time and time again.

He gave me chances to repent.

Judgment, chastening and discipline—

they made my numb heart feel.

Pre-chorus 1

By understanding the truth,

I experience God’s love and I’m full of regret.

His kindness is great,

yet I’ve not given anything back to God.

I’m too ashamed to face Him

when I’ve given Him no love.

Chorus 1

To pursue the truth and be born anew,

repaying God’s love,

this is my one true wish,

this is my one true wish.

Verse 2

I keep God’s exhortations firmly in my heart,

to accomplish the mission He’s given me.

I practice the truth, fulfill my duties

every day to satisfy God’s heart.

By His holy plan and sovereignty,

I face trials meant for me.

How can I give up or try to hide?

What’s first is God’s glory.

Judgment, chastening and discipline—

they made my numb heart feel.

Pre-chorus 2

In times of adversity,

God’s words guide me and my faith is perfected.

I am utterly and completely devoted,

devoted to God with no fear of death.

His will is always above all.


I pledge completely to repay God’s love.

I praise Him without interruption in my heart.

I’ve seen the Sun of righteousness,

the truth controls all that is on earth.

God’s disposition is righteous

(and deserves mankind’s praise).

My heart will love Almighty God forever,

and His name on high I’ll raise.

Chorus 2

Heedless of my future, no thought for gain or loss,

I wish only that God be satisfied.

I bear resounding witness

and shame Satan to the glory of God.

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