252 I Want to Offer My Sincerity to God

1 To be blessed and enter the kingdom of heaven, I dwelled within the house of God. Though I was performing my duty, it was tainted by a transactional attitude. Through the judgment and revelations of God’s words, I clearly saw the truth of my corruption. I am selfish and deceitful; I long ago lost all conscience and reason. God tirelessly instructs me with His words, in hopes that my corrupt disposition may soon change; He waits and hopes, like a mother awaiting a son’s return. I recall God’s grace and am filled with remorse. Truly, I should not rebel or deceive Him so. I so loathe my profound corruption; by not pursuing the truth, I’ve deeply wounded God’s heart. I’ve missed so many chances to be perfected; so much good time has been lost. How could I continue to rebel and wound God? I want to pursue the truth and live out a human likeness.

2 I work hard to practice God’s words so that I may gain the truth. Whenever my corruption is revealed, I accept the judgment and chastisement of God’s words. Though there is suffering and torment, I have God’s words to guide me. Knowing God’s holiness and righteousness, reverence for Him has grown in my heart. I hate myself for coveting comforts and resolve to be considerate of God’s will and to practice the truth. Thinking on the past, remembering God’s grace, I see that He alone is love. I’ve only changed due to being constantly pruned and dealt with, tried and refined. I have not repaid God’s immense grace; I’m filled with guilt, and unfit to see His face. Gaining God’s grace, I feel grateful, and will treasure my remaining days all the more. I wish to live for God this once, to be an honest person who glorifies and bears witness to Him. I will offer my sincerity to God; I will fulfill my duty to requite His love.

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