303 I Give My Sincere Heart to God

1 To be blessed and enter the kingdom of heaven, I dwelled within the house of God. Though I was performing my duty, it was adulterated with my transactional attitude. Only through the judgment and revelations of God’s words did I clearly see the truth of my corruption. I am selfish and deceitful, I long ago lost any conscience and reason. God tirelessly instructs me with His words, hoping that my corrupt disposition may soon change. God waits, God hopes, like a mother awaiting a son’s return. Recalling God’s grace, my heart’s filled with remorse, I really should not be so rebellious and deceptive with God. I so loathe my deep corruption; not pursuing the truth, I’ve deeply wounded God’s heart. I’ve missed so many chances to be perfected; so much good time has been lost. How could I continue to rebel and wound God? I’m willing to pursue the truth and live out a human likeness.

2 I work hard to practice God’s words so I may gain the truth. My corruption often rears its head, then I’m judged and chastised by God’s words. Though there’s suffering and torment, God’s words are always with me. I’ve got some knowledge of God’s holiness and righteousness, reverence for Him has grown in my heart. I hate myself for coveting pleasures, I’m determined to be considerate to God’s feelings and to practice the truth. Thinking on the past, remembering God’s grace, I see that only God is love. I’ve only changed because of the constant pruning, dealing, trials and refinement that have been with me all this time. I have not repaid God’s immense grace, I’m filled with guilt and unfit to see His face. Gaining God’s grace, I’m grateful in my heart. I’ll treasure my remaining days that much more. I wish to live for God this once, to be an honest person who glorifies and bears witness to God. I offer up my sincere heart to God, I will fulfill my duty to repay God’s love.

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