251 Cherish the Chance to Love God

1 Suddenly recalling the past, I am left with so much regret. I’ve enjoyed so much of God’s love, yet all I’ve given Him is pain. I said that I loved God, but my heart was filled with selfish desires. I was nothing but slipshod in my duty and I coveted the pleasures of the flesh. When persecution, adversity and trials befell me, my heart was timid, and I began to complain. I vowed to repay God’s love, but I couldn’t bear the test of trials. Pretending to be sincere, I spoke nothing but empty words, wishing only to cheat God into blessing me. I thought only of my own future and destination, caring nothing for God’s will. Standing before God, my heart felt far from Him. The past was filled with unbearable memories.

2 God’s love is always with me, His words enlighten me, guide me and lead me. I’ve been judged and chastised so many times, I’ve been through so many trials and refinements. My hardened, numb heart has finally begun to awaken and turn back. I see how selfish and contemptible I am, and how I lost my humanity and reason long ago. Without God’s mercy and salvation, how would I have made it to today? I hate that I’ve awakened so late and that I’ve missed so many chances to gain the truth. God has paid such a painstaking price to save me. Faced with God’s love and salvation, how could I ever rebel again? Man can live without regret only by pursuing the truth, loving God and satisfying Him. Even when suffering great trials and tribulations, I will still fulfill my duty to repay God. I will cherish my final days and dedicate my pure love to God.

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