250 God’s Love Is So Real

1 Oh God! You became flesh, humble and hidden, and expressed the truth to save humanity, yet I did not know You, and jumped to conclusions about You based upon my own notions. How foolish and blind I was! Oh God! You have suffered the utmost shame for the sake of man’s salvation, yet I was ignorant of Your will. Oh God! You expressed the truth and provided the life to man, yet I still did not seek or investigate. I had been shackled by religious notions; blindly, I worshiped the pastors of religion and followed man. You saw it all, and took it to heart; throughout, You spoke, Your words calling out to my heart. Oh! Why was it that I believed in You and prayed to You, yet could not recognize Your voice? Oh! Why was it that I believed in You, but followed man instead, casting You aside? You were patient and tolerant toward me, waiting for me to awaken from my slumber. Finally, I was roused by Your words; recognizing Your voice, I returned to You.

2 Oh God! It was Your words of judgment that conquered me and I bowed down before You. Amid Your words of judgment and chastisement, I saw how deep was my corruption. Oh God! You were selfless in Your sacrifice to bring salvation to humanity, whereas my abnegation and expenditure was only for the sake of being blessed. Oh God! You earnestly hoped that man would seek the truth, whereas I sought only status and prestige. I believed in You, yet did not know how precious was the truth; I continued to live by my corrupt, satanic disposition. My disposition was arrogant, deceitful, and despicable; I truly was not fit to live before You. Oh! It was thanks to the revelations and judgment of Your words that I came to know and despise myself. Oh! It was thanks to Your judgment, trials, and refinements that I shed my corruption and began anew. I am fortunate to enjoy Your judgment and chastisement; my corrupt disposition has been cleansed. Truly, this is Your supreme love and salvation. I would spend my entire life repaying You for Your love.

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