249 God Has Given Me So Much Love

1 Oh God! Your judgment is so real, full of righteousness and holiness. Your revelations about the truth of mankind’s corruption have left me thoroughly exposed. I think of how I expended myself and busied myself for years solely to gain Your blessing. I imitated Paul, toiling and working, so that I could stand out from the crowd. Your words of judgment made me see how selfish and contemptible I was. I fall to the ground feeling ashamed and abashed, too unworthy to look upon Your face. So many times, I have looked back at the path I have walked. Your words of judgment have guided me as I have come to this day. I see how much it costs You to save me; all of it is Your love.

2 Oh, God! Through Your judgment, I have tasted of Your true love. Your judgment has allowed me to know myself and to repent truly. I am so corrupt; truly, I need You to judge and cleanse me. Without Your judgment, I would only flounder in darkness. It is Your words that have led me onto life’s path of light. I feel that loving You and living for You is the most meaningful pursuit. So many times, I have looked back at the path I have walked. Judgment and chastisement are Your blessings and Your true love. To understand the truth and achieve a purer love for You, I am willing to undergo suffering, however great.

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