248 God’s Sincere Love

Verse 1

I’ve been negative so many times

and I cried from loss of my prestige.

When trials exposed me,

I was concerned only about prospects of my future,

and my grief overwhelmed me.

So many times I was stubborn, rebellious,

tried to run from God’s judgment;

my conscience was seared.

Many times I resolved to repent,

then did ill anyway, gave place to sin.

Chorus 1

Oh God, Your words of judgment show my ugliness.

I clearly see my corruption.

There’s no place to hide from shame.

Verse 2

I thought I’d gone too far for You to save me,

but Your words dispelled misunderstanding.

At times I fell in Satan’s temptations,

but secretly You watched over and protected me.

When I harbored misconceptions, opposed You,

You always showed me mercy and patience.

You never remembered the times I transgressed;

You gave me a chance to repent.

Chorus 2

Oh God, I’m insignificant and lowly,

yet You always care for me.

Am I worthy to be human if I can’t repay Your love?


Through Your judgment, trials, and discipline,

I can finally know Your love.

I suffer the pain of Your refinement,

yet my corruption is being cleansed.

When I obey You and practice truth,

I feel at ease and at peace.

Fearing You, rejecting evil,

to live by Your words is happiness.

Chorus 3

Oh God, Your judgment is love.

It’s enabled me to attain Your great salvation.

I’ve experienced Your sincere love,

and I wish to love and obey You forever.

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