175 Assembly in the Tall Green Fields

1 Each day, we evade search by the police; nowhere is safe to gather. To hide from the CCP’s prying eyes, we assemble in secret amid the vast expanses of green. Dim torchlight illuminates passages of God’s utterances. We read His words in whispers, each sharing in their light. The more we fellowship on the truth, the more enlightened we become, our faith and strength bolstered. Despite the adverse surroundings, with God at our side, our spirits are steadfast and at ease. Having faith in God in the country of the great red dragon, we are at constant risk of arrest and imprisonment. Even to gather to eat and drink of God’s words, we have to act like fugitives. Believing in and worshiping God is the mandate of heaven and the virtue of earth; it is man’s duty. Having God with us, we are no longer timid and afraid. Though the way ahead is dangerous, we are resolved: We shall follow Christ and walk the right path of life.

2 Thinking back on the tumultuous road of our faith in God, we are filled with emotion. Without God’s words to lead us, we would scarcely have made it to today. During many assemblies, we were surrounded by the police. And it was only through God’s protection that we were lucky enough to escape and beheld His almightiness and sovereignty. For many years, we dared not return home, and could only flee from place to place. When we were weak, God’s words supported us and made us strong. This persecution and adversity were licensed by God, who utilizes Satan to perfect our faith. Having beheld, in its entirety, the wicked essence of the great red dragon, our heartfelt love for God grows. And though we know not how long we will spend on this arduous path, with God’s words as our guide, our faith is a hundredfold stronger, and we forge onward steadily. No matter how the great red dragon persecutes us, we shall follow Christ to the very end, even unto death.

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