176 Days Under Surveillance

1 For believing in God, I endured arrest and imprisonment by the CCP, and released at the end of my sentence. Though I have escaped the demons’ prison, I continue to be closely monitored by the CCP. Each day, the surveillance cameras in front of my home track my movements. Even my neighbors have been bribed and exploited by the CCP. Over and over, the police come to my door to ask if I still believe in God. Terrified of the CCP, my family puts added pressure on me. I am miserable. I have lost my personal freedom, as well as the life of the church. Pain and despair dog at me each day, and my heart is full of torment.

2 I often recall the wonderful times of gathering with my brothers and sisters. We fellowshiped on God’s words, talked of our experiences, and helped and supported each other. After undergoing God’s judgment, we gradually understood the truth. Savoring God’s love, we were united in our duty. Today, staying at home feels like I am still in prison; my heart is full of resentment. Why has the CCP stripped me of my personal freedom, illegally putting me under house arrest? Why has it blocked me from spreading the gospel and standing testimony for God? It is positively evil! Where is our religious freedom? Where are the legal rights of citizens?

3 During my days under surveillance by the CCP, God’s words keep me company and I’m not lonely. Pondering God’s words and understanding the truth gives me faith and strength. I see that the CCP deceives the world so as to win fame, and that they are demons that resist God. They have used every means to arrest and persecute Christians. They attempt to use house arrest to make me leave God or even turn my back on Him. How contemptible their motivations! God is so wise in His use of Satan’s service to perfect my true faith. Amid pain and refinement, I have tasted of God’s love, and my love for Him grows even stronger. To share in the pain of Christ is such a great honor! Satan has taken away my freedom, but cannot imprison my mind. No matter how much adversity I suffer, I will do all I can to seek the truth. I will follow Christ and be faithful to the very end, never turning back, never turning back!

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