219 Awaken Soon, You Who Are Smart

1 The current work of the Holy Spirit is indeed difficult for people to imagine, and all enters into reality; it really will not do to be thoughtless about it. If your heart and mind are in the wrong place, then you will have no way forward. From start to finish, you must be watchful at all times, and be sure to stay vigilant against negligence. Blessed are those who are constantly watchful and waiting and who are quiet before God! Blessed are those who are always looking up to God in their hearts, who take care to listen closely to His voice, who pay attention to His actions, and who put His words into practice! The time really can brook no further delay; all manner of plagues will run rampant, opening their ferocious mouths to devour you all like a flood. The time has come! There is no more room for pondering. The only way out that will bring you under God’s protection is to come back before Him.

2 Those who are smart should quickly wake up to the truth! Relinquish anything you are unwilling to part with. Such things really are harmful to your life, and they are of no benefit! God hopes you can rely on Him in your actions; otherwise, the only path forward is the path of death—where, then, will you go to seek the path of life? Withdraw your heart that loves to busy itself with external things! Withdraw your heart that disobeys other people! The current work of the Holy Spirit is not what you imagine. If you are unable to relinquish your notions, then you will suffer a great loss. If the work were in keeping with man’s notions, would your old nature and notions be able to come to light? Would you be able to know yourself? Maybe you still think that you are free of notions, but this time all your various ugly facets will clearly come to light.

Adapted from “Chapter 14” of Utterances of Christ in the Beginning in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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