171 Heart’s Desire

1 As I undergo the CCP’s persecution, I’ve tasted the challenge of believing in God. When I attend gatherings or preach the gospel, I face arrest and imprisonment at any moment. When will my home be mine, a place where we can assemble and pray to God normally? When will I spread the gospel and testify to God without fear of arrest? When will I flee no longer, and do my duty in peace? When will freedom of belief, human rights, and democracy cease to be lies? Oh, how I hope that my sisters will be released from prison soon! Oh, how I long for justice for my martyred brothers! How wicked this country is, ruled by evil demons; where is the light of human life? Following Christ, I must bear resounding testimony to God, no matter how great the hardship.

2 As I undergo persecution and suffering, I see the CCP is the embodiment of Satan. It hunts Christ and persecutes and kills Christians; its maleficence knows no end. Freedom of belief in China is impossible while the CCP holds power. I follow Christ and pursue the truth and life—how could I care for my own life? All Christ’s words are the truth, and they are deeply embedded in my heart. On the final stretch, I shall preach and bear testimony to God, no matter how great the suffering. No matter how rabid the CCP, it still does service in the perfection of God’s people. God has already made a group of overcomers who all testify to Him. The more mature God’s people, the greater Satan’s ruin. God’s words shall surely be fulfilled. I recognize that Christ is the truth, the way, and the life, and I follow God with a heart of steel.

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