143 Can God’s Name Be Determined by Created Beings?

Verse 1

God has many names,

but none can fully describe God’s disposition.

For it’s too rich to be known by man.

Man can’t fully capture it with human language.

Man has limited words

to express what they know of God’s disposition.

One word or name can’t fully represent God.

So do you think His name cannot be changed?

Chorus 1

God is so great, God is so holy.

Yet will you not permit Him

to change His name in each new age?

Will you not permit Him to change His name?

Verse 2

In every age as God does His work,

He uses a name that befits the age

to encapsulate the work He intends.

That name represents His disposition in that age.

God uses mankind’s language

to express His own disposition.

One day, He will not be called Jehovah,

Jesus or Messiah, He’ll just be the Creator.

Chorus 2

At that time His names on earth

shall come to an end.

For His work on earth will be done,

and His names shall be no more.

Yes, His names shall be no more.

Verse 3

When all things come

under the Creator’s dominion,

He has no need of a fitting yet incomplete name.

Are you still seeking after God’s name?

Are you daring to say

that God is only called Jehovah?

That God can only be called Jesus?

Can you bear the sin of blasphemy against God?

Chorus 3

You should know that

God had no name in the beginning.

He took one or two, or more names because

He had work to do,

yes, He had work to do with man.


Whatever name He is called by,

did He not freely choose it Himself?

Would He need you, one of His creatures,

to decide it?

Adapted from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. The Vision of God’s Work (3)

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