649 You Cannot Disappoint God’s Will

Verse 1

You’re able to accept the judgment of God’s words,

as well as refinement and God’s commissions—

God predestined all this at the beginning.

So don’t feel too distressed when you’re chastised.

Verse 2

None may take the work that’s been done in you,

nor the blessings bestowed deep within you.

None may take all that’s been given to you.

People of religion can’t compare to you.

Chorus 1

You are not an expert in the Bible,

nor do you possess religious theory;

yet from God’s work you’ve gained more than anyone.

And so this is your greatest blessing.

Verse 3

You must be even more dedicated,

and be even more loyal to God.

God raises you up, so make more effort,

ready your stature to accept God’s commissions.


Stand firm in the place God has given you,

pursue becoming one of God’s people,

accept kingdom’s training, be gained by God,

and become glorious testimony for God.

Chorus 2

If you are possessed of such resolves,

finally you’re sure to be gained by God,

this in its turn will surely make you

a glorious testimony of God.


The most important commission

is that you must be gained by God,

become God’s glorious testimony.

This is indeed the will of God.

Adapted from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. Know God’s Newest Work and Follow His Footsteps

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