648 If You Practice the Truth, You Can Change

1 A problem or state can always be resolved with the truth, no matter what sort of problem or state it is. As long as you accept the truth and turn it from theory into your reality and practice it and enter it, then no matter what kind of person you are, you will undergo a transformation and growth. The emphasis lies in people’s hearts and their choices, and whether, when encountering a problem, they turn their backs on God or obey Him and submit to His words. It is also about whether people choose to satisfy their physical cravings when faced with something, or whether they can instead forsake their flesh and practice the truth, acting in line with God’s words.

2 As for those people who invariably choose to satisfy their flesh and fulfill their cravings, and follow their physical likes and desires, they can never experience the meaning or worth of practicing the truth. People who can forsake the flesh, let go of their own plans and desires, who can practice according to the truth and enter truth reality can gradually experience what it means to practice the truth, come to realize the fun and enjoyment of practicing the truth, and can, step by step, gain a sense of the significance of God’s words and what the meaning and value are in God’s requirement that humans behave this way.

3 If they practice like this often, then they will give rise to hatred, disgust, and antipathy for their nature essence. Meanwhile, they will also feel dislike for any negative things around them with which they come in contact. They begin to yearn to be able to have stature and sufficient willpower to practice the truth, and they hope to be able to enter truth reality, satisfy God’s will, and be a created being with conscience, with sense, and with truth reality. They also thirst to be able to submit to God, submit to all the environments God has arranged, and refrain from rebelling against Him; they wish to be able to satisfy God’s will.

Adapted from The Word, Vol. 3. The Discourses of Christ of the Last Days. Part Three

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