129 We Have to Choose Our Own Path

1 Christ of the last days expresses the truth and reveals God’s righteousness. God is the truth and to all He is righteous. If we believe in God without pursuing the truth we will be eliminated in the end. God decides man’s final outcome based on whether or not they have the truth. Good behavior on the outside does not represent having life. Without good deeds and without the truth, God will turn away from us. God’s disposition is holy and righteous, He allows no offense. Those who do much evil and resist God will be punished. We have to choose our own path and no one can do it for us. Only those who are honest and submit to the truth are people with humanity. We can only obtain God’s praise by practicing the truth and living out the reality.

2 Loving and obeying God are most critical to gaining God’s praise in one’s faith. The only wise ones are those who accept God’s judgment and chastisement and are purified. There is no value or meaning to pursuing position, fame, fortune, or vanity; only those who fulfill their duty and practice the truth are God’s followers. If one can only spout theories but not practice the truth, then it is all empty. Living out a true human life can only be done by truly loving God and bearing good testimony. Judgment and chastisement, pruning and dealing—all are God’s love. Standing witness when trials and refinements come most glorifies God. Suffering and trials show most clearly whether a man has the reality of the truth. We can only bear witness to God when we obtain the truth and know God. And we only succeed when we pursue the truth and attain dispositional change.

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