234 Comporting Myself Anew and Comforting God’s Heart

1 I’ve been so deeply corrupted by Satan, I become arrogant about whatever qualities I have. I show off in my work and my sermons—I think I’m amazing. I’m too self-righteous, too self-important! What I live out is without a human likeness. I’m too lowly, too contemptible! No shred of humanity can be found in me. With me always disguising myself and pretending to be sincere, how could You not be grieved? You have seen through my heart, and what Your words reveal has shamed me. I’m too ashamed to see Your face, and it’s hard to voice my pain. My heart is broken. I’ve followed You for so long, but I haven’t been considerate of Your will. I’m equipped with mere letters and doctrines, yet my disposition has not changed. Your words have made everything clear—I am the one who doesn’t put their heart into seeking.

2 Through the judgment and chastisement of Your words, I’ve finally awakened. I will no longer rebel against You, and I’ll never again lack conscience. To save mankind, You have humbled Yourself to become flesh. I am filthy and lowly. What honor do I have? I’ve been so arrogant as to have lost my humanity and reason; truly, I’m not worthy of being called human. Your words have moved my heart; Your words have roused me. Your great love has conquered my heart. I will never again seek fame or benefit. I ask only to fulfill my duty to repay Your love. I’ll expend myself for You and comport myself anew and comfort Your heart. I’ll practice the truth, live by Your words, and take the path of light in life.

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