286 Be Dauntless on the Path of Loving God

1 This bumpy path just makes my love for God even purer. The judgment and refinement of His words are my constant companions; righteous judgment burns me like a raging fire. Through painful refinement, I have finally come to know myself, and see that Satan has corrupted me beyond any semblance of humanity. God’s judgment and chastisement purify my corrupt disposition; through trials and refinement, I’ve benefited greatly and learned to submit.

2 Seeing how lovable God is makes me even more attached to Him. Being able to bear a good testimony for God is my heartfelt wish. I have seen that chastisement and judgment are blessings from God; one must suffer many trials to gain the truth and be perfected by Him. The sluggard and the cowardly cannot bear witness for God; if I can be fit for His use, then I am willing to suffer for it. Through persecution and adversity, I grow ever more resolute in my love for God.

3 Christ of the last days brings the way of eternal life, and God’s judgment and chastisement are true love. By undergoing judgment, I finally know His righteousness and holiness. Having given rise to reverence and submission, I have tasted of His love. More severe judgment and refinement benefit me even more. Through great pain, I can gain the truth and live out a true human likeness. I offer up my entire being to repay God’s love, and will be utterly faithful. I love God in earnest, giving my all for Him. I fulfill my duty to satisfy God’s will. I do my utmost to gain the truth and life. Brimming with confidence, I stride toward a true life. I live out a human likeness to repay God’s love.

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